Month: February 2013

Curious Sandhill Crane

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Curious Sandhill Crane

Everglades encounter. This Sandhill walked over to me and checked out my Vibram Five Fingers as I shot a pic with the Iphone.

Having the phone in hand, I quickly googled Sandhill to discover the mysterious lack of fear and the party of three who had just visited me on my morning hike.

The information at hand stated Sandhills mate for life and the young stay with the parents until the next nesting period.  This could explain the three since once the largest crane began to vocalize, the medium one chimed in while the smallest stayed mute.

Additionally, several sources divulged that they are not afraid and will approach people, odd looking Vibram shoes or not.    I will confirm this as being true since I encountered the trio again an hour later while hiking the back trails and they walked up to and continued right by me as they focused on the more important matter of hunting breakfast.