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American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) is a ubiquitous plant found on our hikes and needed to be explored further than taking pictures of its vibrant purple hued berries with a handsome fellow looking on.

Of interest was the possibility of making jelly with its berries, and an insecticide with the leaves.  However, upon a little deeper research, a plant growth induction concoction came to light.  The Callicarpa species have a natural plant growth promoter caller calliterpenone which can be extracted from the leaves.   I am familiar with making a Comfrey “tea” to use as a growth promoter on my plants (gibberellic acid at work here according to the herbalist who suggested utilizing it to me, a farming newbie) but now wish to try wild Callicarpa americana leaf tea as a side by side experiment on some Moringa oleifera seedlings.  An experiment documented online showed an increase in biomass in the case study of Mentha arvensis as well as an increase in the essential oil production.

AB Tea is brewing in the sun!