Ceresaa Tea on NPR but more fun as Momordica charantia

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      I had never heard of Ceresaa tea but an introduction on NPR this morning speaking of Islanders in search of a vine in Miami caught my ear.  It was never mentioned that the plant they were discussing is also called bitter melon and even more fun by its Latin name, Momordica charantia.

     According to the show, it is used to treat just about everything by the people they interviewed.  My introduction to it was while volunteering at Solace International’s organic farm where they planted and harvested for sale.  It was a new vegetable encounter however, once reading about its taste as well as its medicinal use for diabetes it was not something I needed to include in my diet.

     Quickly put on the back burner of new plants to explore, it came to the forefront on several hikes that followed.  I found it a beautiful plant with much smaller fruit than the cultivated variety.  Just little orange walnut sized fruits, filled with lycopene according to Green Deane on a foraging walk.  He also mentioned it is toxic to dogs.