Of Bidens pilosa and Retin A

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Bidens pilosa, Spanish needles, IMG_3079Picao preto.   By any name an amazing plant.

The entire plant may be used and here is a list of its potential power:

  •  antibacterial, including MRSA
  • antifungal
  • hepatoprotective, inhibits prostglandin and COX
  • antiulcer
  • anticancer
  • immunomodulatorIMG_3170
  • and, antiaging!!  This is what I am currently exploring with various Biden pilosa infused oils soaking up the sun.  In recent Pubmed studies there is evidence of Bidens increasing growth factors, stimulating extracellular matrix elements and modulating retinoid receptors potentially even better than other well known retinoids (for example, retin a).

Once the oils are ready in a few weeks it will be on to exploration and experimentation by documenting any changes to a patch test area.  If this works, imagine not only am amazing plant for pollinators but an amazing, readily available plant source of antiwrinkle concoctions.