Of Okinawans and Purple Sweet Potatoes

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     Anthocyanins.  Those wonderful blue pigments found in blueberries, purple cabbage, blue potatoes and blue sweet potatoes just to name a few foods.

     The Okinawan diet is comprises mainly of purple sweet potatoes.  Or should I say, was since they have now been eating a more Westernized diet, leaving the longevity statistics to the complete vegetarian Adventists right here in the USA.

      But what they did have in their traditional diet was a lot of sweet potatoes.  They were the primary food eaten along with yellow and green vegetables and soybean based foods, plus medicinal plants!  This diet is highly antiinflammatory, and antioxidant rich as well as being low calorie but nutrient dense.

     Maybe eating until 80% full and eating more blue and purple whole foods should be a mantra for us all.