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IMG_3324  Had I been in my favorite, nonstop, find anything you want city this weekent–NYC, my schedule would have found me at Lindhardt studios this evening for the Ethical Metalsmith meeting.

Departing upon the jewelry making craft, I never initially considered where the metals were coming from.  It was never mentioned in classes and only came about as a consideration while taking ethical fashion classes at FIT with the fantastic, passionate Carmen Artigas.  What a shock!

Fashion, according to Carmen, is about ten years behind the organic food movement and mining is not even on the map of industry movements for conservation and sustainability.   Why it never occurred to me to question where the metals I was using originated is inexplicable but once the seed was planted, jewelry construction took on a new twist to fit into my value system.

The fold formed fine silver bracelet above is a from recycled metal.  One can wear it with pride knowing it is a made in the USA ethically produced accessory.  Now all my jewelry is so constructed and if it cannot be, that design is off the books.

As my current instructor questioned why I care–and why anyone balks at the fact he has ivory obtained years past that he wants to use in custom pieces, I discovered Ethical Metalsmiths.  A tribe to belong to in this world of taking from mother earth for capitalist good.